viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018



We have finished the lesson plan of systems of equations. The original assignment – Solve a real word problem of systems of equations, must be transformed into a learning mission, so we are going to be creative and useful with a word problem which helps you to take money for the field trip in a fundraiser.

Here it is my link for my challenge:

Everybody likes rewards, so if the students do good they will receive this badge.

This is the digital badge I've created in


How will transforming an activity into a learning mission engage my students?
During this week our challenge has been find new ways to motivate our students. The first part has consisted on turning an activity into a Learning Mission, looking for engage our students and trying to observe a change in their work, simulating some type of game in groups. The winners will receive a badge, will increase their grades and the rest of the class will be proud of their work.

How can digital badges motivate my students?
The badge will help to stimulate and recover the demotivated students who normally don’t pay attention in class. They can show the award to their parents, teachers, and classmates and will be always visible in their folder or in a reserved part of the class for the winners of each new project.

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  1. Dear Juan José:
    What a nice mission: it encourages students to do some good for others, and at the same time it will be an act of kindness which make themselves feel good: Good Brings Good #GoodBringsGood!. Congrats on your badge too, which of course, will be a great reward for the students!.