martes, 6 de marzo de 2018



3.3-Reflection unit 3
To finish, a reflection about what have we learned in this unit and the exchanges with other participants.

·          How will you adapt your curriculum according to one or more of the digital learning theories?

After learn about the SAMR model, I will try to change in my classroom the Augmentation and Modification by the Redemption. These changes are looking forward the interest of the students in the learning process and grow up the engagement. Moreover try to adapt the class and work with the technologies that they are used to use in their relationships and games every day.
We can´t forgive the lesson plans and improve their skills in Math, Language Arts, Social and Arts and Culture. We should try work with real situations or real problems to teach how solve it.
For example, the form we have used in the survey let us immediately compare and check the student’s answers, with percentages and graphs, same way, a quiz or a test for check about the contents, let us see what are the weakness and fix it.
·         How will teaching students about their digital footprint benefit them
The most important is that they learn that these tools are not only for playing or sharing photo/video. They are for learning, enjoy and being creative, BUT use it safely; Don`t forget about the risks. They must know that all that they do or write online, instantly is recorded, so they have to behave always correctly and take responsibility of their acts.
Some recommendations could be take care of the passwords, frequently parents checking about what are they doing, watching or playing with on internet, remind talk about the internet safety and take care of sharing personal photos or videos, because they are public.

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  1. All you stated is so true. I just pray kids understand once and for all the code of conduct on internet!!. Hope you are having a good time creating and researching!