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  • ·    What is in your teacher survival kit?

My Survival Kit consists of my backpack, my agenda (I use both, digital and analogic), a hard disk where I have a full of exercises and examples, and unlimited practice problems (with hints!), where you can check your answer with the click of a button. A pile of paper and graph paper, pens and pencils, color pencils, highlighters and erasers, and art supplies. Never forget, a ruler and a calculator. Don’t forget, every other day, a pinch of imagination, because always you need add it to your patience.

  • ·   How will your teacher survival kit help you better manage your classroom?  

The survival kit helps because you never know what may happen in the classroom with the internet or other unforeseen. It will keep the students working and learning.

  • ·   How will creating a resource hub for parents help you engage parents so that students behave better online and in your classroom? 

With a simple recommendations and links we can give them an approach of the basics of privacy and how to help children create a safe  digital environment. The teacher and parents can be on the same page. The must keep an eye on what the kids are doing on the internet.

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